The creation of a room permit to notify the other players that you're free and want to play a particular game.
To do this, click on the "Create a room" button.

The name of the game you want to play will be prompted : it will allow other players to know what game you want to play. This name is a free input text area.


On the main area of the window, the table show the list of the waiting rooms.
The column "Name of the game" indicate the game that the creator of the room wants to play.
To play with this person, just click on the link "Play !" which is at the end of the line.
If the line doesn't have the link "Play !", it seems that the game is already running. You can look the game clicking the line, and after on the "Connect to the room" button.

If no rooms are created, create your own, it must be someone starts !

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